Musicstyle: Oldskool/Hardcore/Hardcore Breaks/Breakbeat/Happy Breaks/House

Clubs: Loft Club, Soho Club, MS Connexion, Halle 02, Zimmer, Rude 7, Lagerhaus, 7er, Prive Club, Nachtcafe Marlon, Suite 023,…

Events: Phaze Club, Royal Rumble, Jungle Fever, E:motion, Dynamite Club, Old’S Kool Series, Irie Bizness, Jungle Bizness, Back in Time, The Art of Bass, Happy Breakbeat Attack,…

Founded Events: Old’S Kool Series (2008), Back to the Roots (2002), Happy Breakbeat Attack (2003)

Radiostations: Breakpirates UK, Hardcore Lives UK, Massive Drums GER

One of the founder of the Dragon-Technicals Posse in the 90s. In 2006 Systec founded with Shar-Pei their own Label “Dragon-Technicals-Records”. Systec is a DJ and Producer of Oldskool / Hardcore music.